Chapter 30


I had visited Terry today, he really thinks that I am still in love with him, but my emotions towards him is unrecognizable, and he tried to bed me but got broken the more when I told him that Elvis had engaged me and I regret it so much because I feel like I used him.

I feel like he does not deserve to be left, I had promised him not to leave but today I broke that promise.

I know that he would be thinking the worst of me, he would think I just used him to help protect Elvis future but that is not true.

I am a lady and I know who I love, it is saddening that my heart now belongs to Elvis.

I have already arranged my things, and my mum too would be going with me.

It is a good thing that my dad has two private jets, so we would be using one of the best to fly to New York.

"Stella have you arranged your stuff?" my mum said to me and

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