Chapter 31


"Yeah I have gotten ready for it" I replied to elvis and seriously I really don't know why my heart is beating so fast, It is as if I am scared or something.

I placed my hand on my laps and start to breathe in and out, trying to control the way I'm breathing to cover anything that would make Elvis suspicious of a thing,"

"I am really excited about it" I said to him with my voice louder than I had expected it to have come out.

"That's good, I want us to have so much fun together, so that you would love me more and more" he says to me, rubbing his hair and I gave out a laugh and he asked why I laughed.

"I laughed because when you try to be romantic but it gets funny and at times, it almost sounds like you are joking or something, Just look at how you are rubbing your hair... Who would believe a word you say huh?" I replied to him and he chuckles.


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