Chapter 32


I can't really believe what she had said "I don't love you anymore Terry" were her words but I find it to be a joke still, but right now I think maybe she was as serious as hell.

She would be traveling to New York tomorrow and I'd be traveling to New York in after a daytime.

I wonder if I could convince her to wait so that we could all go together "wait...what am I even thinking?

That is not even possible" I said to myself as I closed my eyes and slept off.

It is morning now and I have just woke up, I got a message, I opened it to see.

"Hey! Just so you know we're are already at my dad's easy airport, hope to see you soon" from Stella.

I looked at the time to see that I was twenty minutes late and I would have to get there in less than forty minutes.

I quickly stood up and rushed into the bathroom, brushed my teeth and had put on a

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