Chapter 40


About six months have passed now, I have bought a new mansion for my mum, I now live alone but I am with my girlfriend Sarah.

She loves to wear diamonds and golds that I buy it for her and it fits her well, actually I love it when she looks flashy, because she's the only one that can explain how stinky rich I am.

A company will be partnering with us today and a meeting will surely be held, there's a need of our investment in their company, and a contract to be drafted to them so that they could be a primary company under my corporation.

I dressed up in my newly made designer suit and I drove out in my range rover straight to work.

I am a totally different person now, but I still love to be myself, I have bodyguards following my car as I drive myself to work, my personality is no more a joking one.

I walked into my powerful building, actually proud of the design, it

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