Chapter 41


"What was that for?" Sarah asked looking into my eyes.

"Oh nothing, I just got pissed a bit and I used your lips to cool down," I said to her and she smiles.

"Okay I would be leaving now," she says to me and I hold her hand.

"it is not necessary, we could do it here," I said to her tapping my table.

"No, oh my God! Is that the only thing that goes into your mind when you look at me" She says to me.

Her phones rang and she walks away weirdly, "who's on the phone love" I said to her from behind her.

"Oh, it's a friend of mine, I have to pick this call" she concludes walking out of the meeting room, I watch her leave with her glittering dark gown with silver stones on it.

I followed her from behind so that I could slap her butt.

"No, we can't meet there, he would know, let us meet at a restau

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