Chapter 44


Nothing could stop me from kissing her and I knew that she wanted and liked it.

I grabbed her to myself tightly, and she gasps from my hold.

"I turned her around and placed her on my long table, I pulled her skirt down and I went deep into her, Her hands fall onto my back, she moans out holding me.

"I haven't had this since we separated," she said to me and I freeze.

"Stella" I called out her name, "It's true," She says dragging me into her with force.

"No wonder you are this tight," I said to her... "This is your office, what if someone walks in right now," she says to me, and I gave out a smile.

"My door is locked, no one can walk in" I replied to her, but then a knocking sound comes from the door.

"Honey, it's me..." Sarah's voice comes from the door and I removed myself from Stella and I ordered my trouser

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