Chapter 43


Rough Terry continued and I pushed him away after enjoying his lips for a couple of minutes then I walked away.

"You better come to my office for the contract," He says from behind me.

"I will Sir" I replied formally to him and I am sure that annoyed him to the more.

But damn it, his lips are still as precious as they were, it was so sexy the way he grabbed my waist to himself.

I have reached home now and I saw Elvis smooching with his so-called childhood best friend.

"Elvis, what the hell are you both doing?" I said to them.

"oh, sorry, I know what is going on here" I continued.

"Why? Elvis, we could have worked out, for the past six months of us been together you always told me that you were busy or not ready because she always satisfied you" I said to him with tears rolling out from my eyes, then I removed

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