Chapter 69

Should I wear this yellow sundress with brown flower patterns or this brown sundress with yellow floral patterns?' Dara asked, holding up two dresses in front of me over face time. I rolled my eyes as she looked away then switched to faux thought as she glowered at me with her dark orbs.

'Yellow would look amazing on you, you know. Sort of compliments your dark skin tone.' I finally said, after few minutes of genuine contemplation.

'But brown sort of brings out my brown eyes.' Dara chipped in, staring admiringly at her eyes through a hand mirror.

'Dara, for the umpteenth time. Your eyes are rich black.' I rolled my eyes again.

'Of course not!' She whined, slumping on her bed. ' They're just a reeeeally dark shade of brown. Like dark chocolate.' She stared off dreamily.

Okay, with Dara, you can never argue to an end, except you want to argue for eternity.

'Alright Dara. I agree with

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