Chapter 70

I felt my cheeks heat up as he walked past me as if he didn't just cause mayhem, probably world war 3 inside me as my insides melted into purée.

I noticed a smirk on his face as he walked past me towards the workshop building. The nerve of him!

Snapping out of his winknopism, which I am fully aware is not a real word, I scurried to the lecture theatre. As I entered.

I spotted Allen holding a bundle of cardboards on one hand and piles of log books on the other.

I walked up to him, taking the log books from his hands.

'Hi.' I muttered as I collected the log books

'Good morning princess. Ah, thank you! What would I do without you?!' He gushed, his dimples on display as a toothy smile splayed on his lips.

I chuckled at his antics and chimed in. 'You'd be lost in the dark, dark corners, searching for hope.' 

Allen laughed softly as I joined him to collect the assignments from the g

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