Chapter 91

I enjoyed being Derrick's girlfriend. Not that I loved him, I liked him well enough... Not love. 

My brothers all got to know him and they all agreed he was a nice guy. There was a time mom and dad went to visit our uncle that stays at a state leaving us home alone for few days. 

I asked Derrick to come over, even though Daniel strongly objected at first. Mona was the one who surprisingly talked him into accepting. 

Mona and I became strangely nice to ourselves. I mean we once spoke for as long as two minutes without insulting ourselves like we usually did..... Two minutes! 

It was around 8pm when he showed up. andrew was the one who opened the door for Derrick.

"camera freak your boyfriend is here." He yelled laughing.

I was at the dinning taking pictures, I stood up to move to the door, Mona followed closely giggling behind. 

"Hey hun." I

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