Chapter 90


I felt like a winner when I saw Cora's video all over. It wasn't so hard to pay some of my guys to make videos and post it.

Her dad being a public figure would make bloggers want to repost her video with embarrassing captions. 

Mona, her cousin. That hot girl. I was very sure she'd let me get under her skirts soon enough. 

All the while I had been dating Cora, we hadn't had sex because apparently she was scared of sex due to one thing that happened in the past. I thought I could manage, I had also not had sex too and I really loved her but then she started appearing stale to me.

I just didn't feel like being close to her anymore. My guys already made other babes ready for me. I had started seeing other girls and swears, sex is amazing! 

There was this night she forced me to take her to the cinema, I told her I wouldn't stay that long because my mom was sick

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