Chapter 98


This sucks! It's so boring hanging out with these two.

No magic happened, nothing, nothing nothing and I felt like Cora was slacking.

I mean look at this guy, a very mature fresh 'somebody' and here she was all like 'hi I'm Cora and I like 5 alive'. 

I hated the way she and the other girls acted and that was why I chose to do things with Jennifer.

Jenny was the wild realistic type unlike they that caused trouble everywhere.

She wasn't as childish as they were.. They didn't want to grow up so I just had to give them space. 

I was very sure Cora was probably hitting on Ronald even when she still had Derrick but again, she was still sticking to her 'ohh I'm still a virgin, I don't need sex yet' 

Girl, you gats lose that virginity tonight! 

You can't be the holy Mary around. 

Yeah call me jeal

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