Chapter ten


It had been two weeks since Berlin’s encounter with Linda. To say it was a rollercoaster would be an understatement but with time, he got to accept his new fate and now, he was cool with it.

What took some time to get used to was the fact that she was a witch with actual magical powers but he soon got acquainted with that too and just as she predicted, he soon loosened up around her.

The knowledge that he was dying in the next six months weighed him down at first because he never agreed to such a deal with Linda in the first place.

He was dead when she found him so it was impossible but she claimed that he gave his consent before she brought him back to life and there was nothing she could do because the contract had been made… it was irreversible.

He died once so knowing he would die in the next six months was something he could learn to live with. As long as he could finally get the revenge he desperately yearned for… that was all he needed to know he had lived a fulfilled life.

Linda had explained it all to him. He was the perfect person she could find to give a second chance at life since what they both wanted matched a lot.

So she was giving him wealth which meant that he was now filthy rich and lived the life he had always wanted. He was now the CEO of one of the biggest companies in New York and he was preparing for his first meeting with a company that wanted a partnership with him.

He also had the influence he's always wanted since he had been going to a lot of gatherings with her so far and as for his heart, it was as good as new. He could still remember how painful it was for him when he got shot but now, he was just glad that he was alive.

Berlin finished taking a shower and walked out of the bathroom in his six-bedroom modern duplex which he owned before heading for his closet where an array of neckties, finely handmade suits, and pairs of designer shoes waited for him and he smiled to himself as he picked a pair of dark brown suit to wear for this special meeting of his.

He considered the meeting to be special because he was finally reappearing as a new and better version of himself after being assumed to be dead for two months and he couldn't wait to see the shock on the faces of people who knew him.

He finished dressing and he grabbed his phone and suitcase before he went downstairs to the kitchen where his housekeeper waited for him with a cup of his specially brewed coffee and he thanked her before walking out and getting into his Aston Martin that was already parked for him by his chauffeur.

He turned the car on and connected his phone through bluetooth before he drove off while sipping on his coffee and a call from Linda came in at that moment. He picked up immediately.

“Good morning, Mr. Emerson, the new CEO of Emerson’s Tools and Parts” she chirped excitedly, and Berlin rolled his eyes while he smiled.

“What do you want, Linda?” he fired and she laughed heartily.

“That is not the way you greet your helper now, Berlin,” she told him and he held himself back from rolling his eyes again.

“Go to hell, Linda. I'm trying to get myself ready for my meeting and you're messing it up” he told her and there was silence for a while.

“Are you sure you're ready for this meeting, Berlin? Are you certain that you can handle it?” she asked him and he was the one who laughed this time.

“What's this? Are you worried about me, Linda?” he taunted and he heard her scoff before he laughed.

“Of course not. I just don't want you flunking your one golden chance because I would be disappointed” she retorted and he knew she was right.

This meeting he was heading to was special and he didn't have the chance to ruin it. It had to be perfect, completely smooth all through with no flaws to point out and if it wasn't, he would live with the hurt for life which was something he didn't want for himself.

“You have no idea how long I've waited for a moment like this, Linda, so trust me when I say I'm ready. I'm never ruining this moment okay?” he assured her and she sighed over the phone.

“Whatever you say, Berlin. Just don't fuck it up and remember… six months so get the ball rolling already” she reminded him about how long he had to live and he was the one who sighed this time.

“Thanks for the reminder, Linda. I almost forgot I'm dying in the next six months” he replied sarcastically and she laughed before telling him goodbye and ending the call.

It was just Berlin and his thoughts in his car once again and pulled at his tie a bit to breathe better before he took the last sip from his coffee and then parked his car in front of his company where his executives waited for him.

He got out of his car and his secretary took his suitcase while his executives greeted him formally one after the other before they all led him to the conference room where the interested company for a partnership waited for him to arrive.

They stopped at the entrance and his secretary opened the door for the executives to walk in first. Then she stood by the door to announce his presence.

“The CEO of Emerson’s Tools and Parts… Mr. Berlin Emerson” she announced and he walked into the conference room with an authoritative aura.

His eyes met with those of the people who wanted a partnership with him and he smirked at them when they saw his face.

He watched Genevieve’s jaw drop as she stared at him with shock and he was satisfied to see Rhodes Walton’s face pale when their eyes locked.

“Berlin? How are you… how did you?” Genevieve stammered but Rhodes couldn't even speak as he watched them both.

“Surprised to see me?” he asked, each of his words stabbed with venom and hatred even though he was smiling and that moment marked his first step for revenge.

He… Berlin Emerson had been resurrected for vengeance and he was determined to utilise his second chance perfectly well.

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