His Menacing Vendetta

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His Menacing Vendetta

By: Only1aysha OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Berlin loved his wife, Genevieve a lot and had willingly sacrificed seven years of his life to serve time in jail for her. On the day he was released, he caught her cheating on him and then she divorced him because she claimed she couldn't be with an ex-convict. He got killed that same day but was resurrected by a mysterious woman who told him he had six months to live so he could get the revenge he wanted. Berlin suddenly became one of the wealthiest and most influential men in New York and apart from wanting his vengeance after being resurrected, he was determined to find out why he was saved by this mysterious woman, who she was, and why she gave him only six months to live.

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Chapter one
CHAPTER 1Berlin thought it was just going to be his wedding anniversary with his wife, Genevieve, that fateful day.He had picked a restaurant, wore the best suit he had to look his best for his wife, and fought back jitters as he waited for her to show up… only for her to walk in with his father-in-law and whenever the old man showed up, it was never something good. Especially for Berlin.They wanted him to do a favor for them, for Genevieve especially. She did something horrible and he was asked to take the blame for her and Berlin, who loved Genevieve a lot, didn't give it a second thought before he agreed to their request because he was willing to do anything for the woman he loved.Then two weeks later, Berlin was in handcuffs, dressed in a prisoner's uniform, and struggling to fight back tears that stung behind his eyelids as he waited for his sentence to be passed to him.The judge gave him a disapproving look as she read through his case again and when he looked back at the p
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Chapter two
CHAPTER 2“Can someone tell me what the fuck is going on?” he asked in disbelief as his voice shook and Genevieve, who was shocked to see him at first, gave him a look before she got down from the bed and took her time to wear a robe while he waited silently for her to say something.“Why? Did seven years in jail ruin your eyesight and now you can’t see things clearly?” his wife finally asked him, her voice cold and distant and Berlin stared at her in shock. She was completely different from the Genevieve he knew and it hurt to know that she wasn’t planning to apologize for cheating on him.“How could you do this to me? I went to jail for you for seven years and you cheated on me with my best friend? For how long has this been going on?” he asked a series of questions and Genevieve smirked before she walked closer to him and looked him blankly in the eyes.“First, what do you mean by doing this to you? You really didn’t think I would stay celibate for seven years and wait for you righ
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Chapter three
CHAPTER 3Just as Berlin made his way out of the apartment and stood by the sidewalk, a car stopped right before him and honked loudly.Then the window slid down to reveal his father-in-law’s secretary, a man in his late twenties who acted like he owned the world and was better than everyone else just because he was the secretary to the third most successful automobile company owner in the world.“What do you want?” Berlin snapped at him as he was still angry and the secretary looked him over from head to toe with distaste in his eyes.“Get in the car 'cause you're coming with me. Mr. Rhodes wants to see you”“I'm not coming with you so you can leave” Berlin retorted still angry and the secretary huffed in annoyance before he honked at Berlin who was now walking away.Then he drove to meet up with Berlin who was still walking hastily and he honked even louder when he wouldn't stop walking. That gained Berlin’s attention and he stopped walking to glare at the secretary who smiled at hi
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Chapter four
CHAPTER 4A suspenseful silence filled the air again and Berlin was so close to losing his temper as he stared at the man who was once his father-in-law with so much sizzling hatred.Mr. Rhodes snapped his finger for his secretary to come closer and the young man obeyed immediately. Berlin watched his former father-in-law whisper something in the secretary’s ear and immediately, the secretary scampered off to the second floor.More silence followed as Mr. Rhodes lit another cigarette and began to smoke and Berlin felt like he was on the last thread of his patience. It felt like the old man was teasing his patience because he knew he could do nothing and at a point, he considered punching him right in the face just to make himself feel better.The secretary finally came down the stairs and returned to the living room with a huge black bag in hand this time and when he dropped it with a loud thump on the table that stood between Berlin and his former father-in-law, it was obvious that i
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Chapter five
CHAPTER 5Heading out to get a coffee to clear his head and then to think about what came next, Berlin walked out of his Father-in-law's mansion and he couldn't help but notice the many stares that he received from the workers as he made his way out.He was sure they already heard something about him while he was inside and whatever it was they heard, he was sure they were all certainly looking at him like he was dumb for rejecting such life-changing money.But he knew their opinions didn't matter to him because they weren't the ones who went to jail for seven years for nothing so they could never understand him and why he did that.Ignoring them all, he walked out of the mansion’s surroundings, then ordered for an Uber and his Uber came almost immediately.“Where are we going, sir?” The driver let out immediately Berlin got into the car but Berlin didn't put a drop-off location while he ordered his ride because he had no idea where the nearest cafe could be to get himself the coffee
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Chapter six
CHAPTER 6Berlin was walking on the street now, he just had his coffee and he decided to walk a little to get to a cheap motel where he could rest until morning.The caffeine was kicking in, and his chest felt lighter. Although he was aware that there was not a thing in this world that could take away all his pain and suffering from the last seven years and today especially, he was glad that at least the pain did not take a toll on him that much and he could still feel his head.The street was busy and many people walked to and fro with their heads bent and their eyes glued to their phones. Berlin always knew the streets of New York to be busy, so that was not a new thing to him.He held his head up high as he walked amongst them while clutching onto his phone which was basically the only thing he owned now, along with a couple of dollars that wouldn't help him for too long because it was not enough.He did not own any clothing at all and he could tell that it would be a great problem
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Chapter seven
CHAPTER 7After taking thirty minutes to do nothing but admire the motel’s interior and designs, Berlin finally retired to his room for the night and the motel room looked decent.It had brown walls and a green ceiling. The motel was really the definition of a vintage and classy-looking place because it ticked all the boxes for an old-class description. The interior looked old but was obviously maintained which made everything look put together.“That is a nice bed,” Berlin said out loud as he was talking to no one but himself while he observed the bed.He could not wait to throw himself on it and go to sleep but he decided that he had to shower first before doing anything else. No matter how tired he was, he still had to wash away the many years of memories and stink from prison that remained on him.He also desperately wanted to wash everything about today off his body and he wished he could wash his mind clean too and forget about a lot of the hurtful things he went through with Ge
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Chapter eight
CHAPTER 8Three minutes of Intense punches being thrown from both men had passed and Berlin was beginning to get the hang of it as he was starting to punch this man, whatever his intention was, harder.He wrapped his hand tight around his attacker’s neck with the plan to choke him and make him unconscious since he was curious and wanted to know who could have sent him to kill him. So he planned to knock him out, tie him up, and ask questions when he woke up.Berlin had his suspicions though, he had a feeling that Rhodes might have something to do with what was going on but just to be sure, he wanted to hear who would do such a thing directly from the man’s mouth before making any conclusion.As they both struggled for dominance, he tried to convince himself that his former father-in-law couldn't be involved. The old man wasn't a coward because if he wanted someone dead, he always made sure to be directly involved in killing the person just so his victim would know he was the one who w
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Chapter nine
CHAPTER 9TWO MONTHS LATER…Berlin’s eyes itched and twitched. A sudden burst of brightness washed away the darkness that once flooded behind his lids and he struggled to open his eyes for a while.Finally, he opened them and the first thing he saw was a shiny white ceiling.He couldn't help but wonder where he was as he quickly looked around and didn't recognize a single thing in his view.He didn't know this room, he had never laid in the bed where he found himself and when he sat up with alertness and fear, he noticed he was clad in a pair of white shirt and trousers.“What the hell? Am I dead?” he asked himself as confusion set in and he pressed against his heart just to be sure that he wasn't seeing things or making them up in his head.The last thing he remembered was getting shot in the heart by the assassin Rhodes Walton hired and he could recall dying right on the spot. It was difficult to forget the feeling of having his heart stop right before everything went dark so he was
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Chapter ten
CHAPTER 10It had been two weeks since Berlin’s encounter with Linda. To say it was a rollercoaster would be an understatement but with time, he got to accept his new fate and now, he was cool with it.What took some time to get used to was the fact that she was a witch with actual magical powers but he soon got acquainted with that too and just as she predicted, he soon loosened up around her.The knowledge that he was dying in the next six months weighed him down at first because he never agreed to such a deal with Linda in the first place.He was dead when she found him so it was impossible but she claimed that he gave his consent before she brought him back to life and there was nothing she could do because the contract had been made… it was irreversible.He died once so knowing he would die in the next six months was something he could learn to live with. As long as he could finally get the revenge he desperately yearned for… that was all he needed to know he had lived a fulfille
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