Mirajh jumped off from the top of the drone and they walked up to the others and because Mirajh was there, Talon quickly relinquished his temporarily given authority in favour of hers.

"Mirajh and Malkome, you guys made it. So what's going on?" Talon asked.

"It's over, all our forces have been killed and from the looks of it, we are the only ones left so the question now should be, what should we do next?"

Once she said that all their forces had been killed, there was a unanimous dropping of jaws and none of them expected that it could have gotten this bad. They had completely underestimated the Arc Agents and the trainees. The GHA weren't even able to send their Forces Units to assist but the trainees alone along with help from the Arc Agents were able to decimate their entire forces.

"What about General Icon, does any of you know his whereabouts? If we can verify his status then we might be able to come up with a plan" Talon asked but seeing the look on

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