"Oh my, no!" Craig exclaimed as from his widened pupils reflected the far most police chopper, which had been the closest to the High court, flaming and swirling on its way down, crashing into one of the buildings around and exploding. Taking the lives of the Uprisers who were there and involved in shooting it before the missile hit and the occupants who were trapped in the apartments.

"What the hell is going on out there?" Ruby asked, rushing over and extending her body out the right side of the helicopter, almost falling out when she almost tripped from how fast she got there with but thankfully supporting herself from falling out by holding onto the empty copilot seat and the frame of the opening while she still had her microphone in hand. From the mic all the sound of what was happening around them entered into the broadcast, intensifying what the viewers who would have been watching felt but unbeknownst to this report crew there weren't people like those.

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