Going back to moments before Angel and the others met up with Adam, before they even appeared in the Jurisdiction district and Roman King had just received the emergency call from Adam while in the apartment building before he ended up facing Malkome and Mirajh which was disconnected due to the Uprisers blocking any and all signals except there's from entering and leaving the district.

At that moment when the helicopter had just finished landing, pushing out a cloud of dust all over the place but not too far out as there wasn't that much to begin with, the sixth ranking Arc Agent, Victor Bloom or as his moniker goes; Gemini, stepped out and was making his way to the group of both Enhanced and Emerged trainees alike who had the number one ranking Arc Agent, Roman King whose own moniker amongst the GHA Agents and Officers and now these trainees was The Prophet in their midst.


"Wow, can't believe I'm considered to be one of the five most

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