"What are you getting all worked up about Captain!?" Angel retorted then chuckled and immediately was bumped on the left shoulder by a seriously slouching and messy haired Nathaniel on purpose as a form of calling her out to correction and inciting reparation from her to Adam and behind them Lucille palmed her face and shook her head.

"Now's not a time to joke, you know why he's acting like that don't you. It's a war going on and as a captain he's probably worried about everyone's safety." Nathaniel said causing Angel to grimace with a silly expression, pouting her mouth and scrunching her eyebrows as she moved her head to look around. 

'Not that someone of that level could ever do anything by worrying about us, whose existence alone is way above what he's ever going to be able to do' he finished in his mind while looking at Adam through the corners of his eyes in a condescending manner and making sure that the others didn't notice because his slouch a
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