Daniel quickly went back to normal moving speed as he stopped and panted a bit with a satisfactory grin on his face, staring at the hole in the wall the passenger made with his body slamming into it and waiting to see if anything happened because he felt like the punch wasn't enough to kill the man or knock him down either while Michael and the young driver had at it on their own stage as the dome prevented anyone from entering into the bank.

Suddenly, Daniel got a bad feeling, an early warning given by his LUCK which is the base of MALICE so with that sense of urgency he was feeling he zoomed towards the hole on the wall to check on the passenger. Only to find an aura of energy emanating from the man as he stood up slowly in the dark and the baton nowhere to be seen with him

The passenger looked both bigger, more imposing and more powerful than he did just a moment ago when Daniel landed the explosive punch attack on him plus the fact that the baton Artifact was
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