Michael who was now healing Peter saw that Daniel was having issues and offered help to him while he was on the floor with blood on his forehead but Daniel who could hardly see more than some feet beyond where he was and the voices of outside sources like Michael's being distorted to him but still he could make out the statement enough to answer

"No, I don't need any help" 

√If you don't get any help now you will surely die

The voice in his head said and it was as clear as it usually is but Daniel still proving stubborn refused to do anything about it and waved it off.

"I don't need any help" he said when suddenly the baton fused passenger jumped forward and came landing in front of him which shook debris small enough to bounce.

The fused Passenger pulled Daniel up by the neck until his feet wasn't touching the ground any longer and started to choke him with one hand while Daniel gagged for release but couldn't do anything. He was t
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