"Holy shit, what's that up there?" I couldn't help but exclaim while I and Levy tried our best to sneak into the slaughter house. We were moving very carefully, trying not to make any noise when my eyes just went up to the sky and I saw some strange looking patterns being created.

"Shush Samuels, do you want to get us caught?" Levy reprimanded me with a low tone of voice but when she turned around to face me and do that she saw the awe stricken expression I had and my gaze up to the sky and she too followed.

"What are you looking at?" she had her eyebrows scrunched. 

The moment she asked that question, my eyes flicked to her and I saw that she too was looking up to the sky but instantly realised the fact that she most definitely wasn't seeing what I was seeing.

'Don't tell me that I'm really the only one who sees that thing? No, that must be it because with her keen senses she would have noticed it even before I did if she could see it. Am I perh

South Ashan

Finally, I get to make the revelations I always wanted to since the beginning of this book. Hope you enjoyed reading. Next episode is even more crazy

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