""A journal?!"" Both Boyo and Jeremiah exclaimed.

"Yes... SIGH... A very long time ago, way before our formerly great nation was completely destroyed, former General Franklin Crow brought a younger me to one of his expeditions but this want just any regular expedition. It all started with him unintentionally finding the Philosophers Stone which brought about the rebirth and Emergence of our greatest soldier Anthony Wonne on one of his trips into the United States territory, allowing us to tap into a power that was only secret to our enemies. At that time and I had just been born so my father was the one who spearheaded the position I would later get when I was old enough so none of them knew that that small piece of attractive stone had such power hidden within it until years later, moments before the fall of the Old Soviet Alliance territory"

Icon spoke with vivid words so that they would be carried along to where he was heading to.

"Being a curious man and thi

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