"I wonder who amongst this crowd is going to get chosen?" The blonde and purple haired  sixth ranking Arc Agent contemplated while trying to see if he could guess and be able to make the right choice of trainee with the little information he has been able to get on them so far.

 Yes he had gotten one or two information about this set of trainees while at the Holding Facility and he had also only been with them in person for a couple of minutes since the moment he stepped off the helicopter which shouldn't be enough time to get a good read on a single one trainee let alone all of them but at the same time he's intuition which has been trained for so many years as an Arc Agent would need to showcase itself here. 

The only trainees he knew more about were those in Adam's set and it has been a long time since he's been with them too so in this type of situation of using his intuition he wouldn't be well of if it were the first level of Enhanced tra
South Ashan

This will be a long chapter but enjoy it anyway. Had two tests, an assignment to submit and a project to defend today so I haven't gotten the chance to edit this yet but will do that very soon. For the time being manage the chapter as is, thanks

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