"What!" Angel turned in shock to see all the pointing fingers she had all around her and while she looked at everyone pointing at her with a confused stare on her face she also came to the realization that amongst everyone who had done it Ryder and his team were also among in this.

"Ryder?" She mumbled with widened eyes and Ryder in response looked bashful which he flicked his head to the side to conceal the bashful expression he was having, saying;

"What'd you expect? You and your two man team completely obliterated my three man team filled with the best of two categories even if I hate to admit it but everyone was there and they saw it and this isn't a time for petty grudges because the fate of everyone rests on what we do from now on so just shut up freak and take this burden that everyone has dropped on you're shoulder" He ended by turning back to look at the girl with blonde highlights while beside Angel was Lucille who almost went teary eyed just by s
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