"Thank you for your input Sir. You can go back and seat with everyone else" The second attorney said, gesturing towards the seat the witness had come from which was behind my own, while also stepping back so the man could pass, because he was obstructing his way a little.

Right at the first row, the Presidential representative whispered something to their assistant, who then relayed what was said to them, all the way to the second attorney and the question was paraphrased into something like this 

"You've made your point on the notion that the defendant and the kid in the picture are one and the same person, but can we speed things up and get to the point of why most of us are here today? There's so much to be done so wasting time isn't in anyone's best interest" the assistant said then went on to seat back down.

Because of the position that the person the assistant was working for, Judge Vestaleon and the second attorney couldn't do anything
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