"Ahsh!" Angel grimaced with gritted teeth as the pain she was feeling shot up instantly the moment she noticed it and remained at the same intensity while from way behind her, she could hear the other enhanced trainees all murmuring about something in particular that she could hear about. Saber and Samuel who Michael had both knocked down so that he could get to Angel in time to stop Daniel but failed to had both gotten back up and slowly met up with her, each with worried looks.

"I don't think those healing chambers can fix something like that" Samuel mumbled to Saber beside him.

"What's everyone going on about?" Angel asked with tired breaths as she felt herself getting light-headed with every passing second. The pain in her right hand continued, especially at the forarm area, very close to her elbow and as it got too much to bare she pushed her left hand towards the hurting area, trying to press it and maybe reduce the pain in the process but when she did that
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