Aside from being the most effective, this is a common trait that all the Arc Agents have except for Victor who tries to push out of that space of mind but the Arc Agents barely speak to anyone outside their ranks and only do so when giving out orders or asking for information from the other GHA staff but aside from that, they hardly ever have casual conversations with the rest of the staff and that's for different reasons personal to each of them.

As for Daniel, his Malice which usually leaks out along with his leaking aura just like how everyone else normally does leak out too affects the Officers and Agents when they're around them and that makes them feel extremely intimidated and uncomfortable especially when looking at him which the silver haired man likes but that acts as a barrier that prevents him from having normal conversations with anyone who doesn't have a high enough power level to withstand that cold feeling his aura give to regular people. The Emerged and
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