"SIR! SIR!" From the distance a different squad sent by the GHA Forces Unit Commander which consisted and was lead by his right hand man and a few other officers ran out of their Facility with their top running speed while the man in front and leading the charge remained waving and screaming at Michael when they saw him a couple meters away, standing with someone else they couldn't quite get a good reading on because Michael's body covered a huge portion of theirs.

The only thing that the Commander's right hand man was able to see and found familiar was the Silver coloured set of hair on this man because it really stood out when contrasted against the complete Jet black nanotech suit Michael had on.

The moment they got half way through the distance of the entrance to where Michael and Daniel were standing and having what appeared to by their own conversation to these approaching Force Unit members, to the surprise of those lesser ranked and didn't really know
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