Having scaled through the first obstacle, it was time he went on to the next one and this time he wasn't going to go at it unprepared as he did the first. That was because, just by appearing where he did he was caught off guard and needed to get to safety before anything else so he spent the entire time on the defensive. Now, ready to go again, he reach into the holster in his trainee uniform, the upgraded one meant for in field operations, and bought out a stun gun.

The gun was jet black in color with the tip of the nozzle glowing a blue colour. The ammo it shoots out isn't electricity but a type of blue plasma that only affects biological material. 

This gun has three different settings which is depicted by how the plasma fired is. The weakest setting being a white coloured plasma that causes it's target  to be disoriented, nauseous and lose their balance. It was the safest setting  The second setting was a sky blue coloured plasma that kno
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