The trainee had no other choice at the moment but to raise his hands in surrender when pointed at with the guns. And because these were all citizens of his country, which was one of the reasons he got his enhancement, in order to protect them, he couldn't hurt them and there were so many there who all had live weapons that the chances of him escaping unscathed proved very low.

He had initially thought that he could bank of them not being good shots to really hurt him if he tried to escape and use his powers to their fullest, but seeing how the all had guns close to them in their various rooms, and were in a district best known for the number of hunters in it, the probability of them being bad shots suddenly became very low to him.

"Look, I don't think you guys know what's going on here or why you're pointing your guns at me but I suggest we all gently take them down and try to come to a mutual understanding" He said but there wasn't a shred of willingness i
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