I Am The World's Greatest Superpower

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I Am The World's Greatest Superpower

By: Zurbluris OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Allen, chosen as the guardian of the universe's successor, because of that he was put through countless experiments that where aimed at harnessing his power to fight off the crisis of the monster invasion, was it really necessary or was it just because if human greed, a young boy who wasn't even allowed to live a normal life, orphaned. yes humanity acquired his power and forgot about him.... its been 70 years since then and Allen is finally free again, but is he really? he just wants to live a normal life but will the forces of darkness sit still? it seems he has to one day shoulder the responsibility of something grate but until then let us see and witness the daily life of The world's greatest super power

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1: The Beginning of Chaos
Allen was sitting in the backseat of his parents' car, feeling excited about his upcoming birthday celebration. He had just turned 5 and his parents had promised him a special surprise. The car was driving on a highway through the rainy night, "Mom, Dad, can you give me a hint about what we're going to do?" Allen asked eagerly.His parents exchanged a knowing look before his mom responded, "We're going to a special location, Allen. It's a surprise, remember?"Allen groaned, "Come on, mom, give me something to work with here."His dad chuckled, "Okay, fine. We're going to that restaurant that makes that milk cake you love so much."Allen's face lit up with excitement, "That sounds amazing! I can't wait."As they drove along the rainy road, they noticed a strange phenomenon in the sky. Portals had appeared all over the world, spewing out monsters that caused chaos and destruction wherever they went. Allen's dad swerved the car to avoid one of the monsters that had appeared on the road,
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2: The Experiments
As Allen was escorted to the lab, he couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. The military men who were with him did not speak a single word to him throughout the journey, and the silence was suffocating. As they reached their destination, Allen could see the building that loomed in front of him, with its concrete walls and high security measures. The military men led Allen through the entrance, which was guarded by several heavily armed soldiers.Once inside the lab, Allen was taken to a big white room, which had no windows and was sparsely furnished. The only items in the room were a bed, a table and a chair. The military men instructed him to sit on the chair and wait for further instructions. As they left the room, Allen could hear the sound of heavy metal doors being locked behind him.Allen sat in the chair for what seemed like an eternity, unsure of what was happening and what was expected of him. He tried to calm himself down and rationalize the situation, but the fear and un
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3: The Brake out
On the year 2023 Allen was taken away from the orphanage and brought to the lab where he was subjected to countless experiments, It had been 70 years since then (2023, the year is now 2093) the world has made grate advancements in all aspects and sectors, the human life span has now been increased to an average of 300 years, the hunting of monsters that come through portals has now become an aspiring occupation for talented individuals, it is all thanks to a certain chemical called "Al-y23". it was used in every branch of science was it biology, chemistry or physics, had numerous uses, strengthen of metals making them lighter yet even more stronger, in the medical field Al-y23 was used to even cure cancer, grow back lost limbs, even fix birth disability, in the industrial sector it was used for fueling vehicles it could power vehicles for days on end yet so little of it would be used and so many other other uses, the world doesn't care how this resource was acquired and doesn't know
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4: The Escapee
Allen took a deep breath as he stepped out of the lab gates and made his way towards the parking lot. He had to be careful, as he knew that the military was after him, and he couldn't risk getting caught. He scanned the area with his enhanced senses, making sure that no one was around before he focused his attention on the cars parked in the lot.He approached a sleek, black sports car and extended his hand towards it, palm facing downward. Suddenly, a faint blue glow emanated from his hand and the car's doors unlocked with a soft click. He then slid into the driver's seat and closed the door behind him, feeling the smooth leather against his skin. He looked at himself in the rearview mirror and frowned at the reflection. He was still wearing his lab clothes he had on for 70 years now and so he decided to change his appearance to that of a "perfect man" he had seen in one of the female scientist's memories.He closed his eyes and concentrated, focusing his powers on changing his appea
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5: Enrollment at the academy (1)
Allen woke up to the sound of his alarm ringing loudly. He sat up, rubbed his eyes and stretched his arms, feeling excited about the day ahead. He knew that today was the day he would enroll in the best superpower academy in the world."Today's the day" he said to himself.He quickly got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. He took a quick shower and brushed his teeth, then using his powers he made cloths materialise out of thin air, got dressed in a pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt and a black hoodie. He looked at himself in the mirror and nodded in approval.As he left the hotel room, he couldn't help but feel a little nervous. He knew that he had to be careful, as he didn't want anyone to recognize him and blow his cover. He decided he'll take a taxi to the academy to avoid any unnecessary attention.He hailed a taxi outside the hotel and gave the driver the address of the academy. As the car drove through the city, Allen couldn't help but admire the view. He had not been in
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6: Enrollment at the academy (2)
Allen was on a roll after defeating Kyle. He couldn't wait to take on more challengers and test his abilities. As he made his way towards the direction of the commotion, he encountered several participants along the way who were eager to take him on.He saw a boy with fire-based powers, a girl with water-based powers, and another boy with electric-based powers.As Allen approached, the boy with fire-based powers, named Jack, he noticed him and shouted, "Hey, who are you?"Allen replied, "Just passing through. Mind if I join in?"The girl with water-based powers, named Emma, eyed him warily. "What makes you think you can handle us?" she asked."I have a few tricks up my sleeve," Allen replied with a grin.The boy with electric-based powers, named Alex, scoffed. "We'll see about that," he said, crackling with electricity.The battle began, and Allen kept his physical enhancement and telekinesis abilities low-key, not wanting to reveal his full potential. Still, he easily dodged Emma's w
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7: A new identity a new lifestyle (1)
Allen had made up his mind to find a source of income to sustain himself. He could remember from one of the military solder's memories that there was a special bar in the city that gave out mercenary missions, and so he decided to check it out. However, he knew he couldn't go to the bar looking like a teenager, and he needed a different identity that wouldn't be traceable to his identity as Nathan.In his hotel room, Allen began to shape-shift, trying out different appearances until he finally transformed into a man in his 30s with dark blue hair and eyes wearing a black sweater and black trousers and a dark blue jacket with golden outlines, He looked at himself in the mirror and nodded in recognition before transforming back to his teenage appearance and stepping out of the hotel.Allen walked into an alley and transformed into his new identity with blue hair before making his way to the bar on foot. When he arrived at the bar, he paused momentarily to read the neon light sign with t
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8: A new identity a new lifestyle (2)
With a plan in place, the team started discussing their roles and responsibilities. Rion tasked Nova, Max, Alister and Mike were with causing distractions, while Zero, Mina would follow him they had the critical task of retrieving the artifact.Zero listened intently as Rion went over the details of the plan, nodding his head in understanding. He knew that he was the strongest in the group and that he needed to prove himself. The thought of failure never crossed his mind, and he was determined to show his worth.As they made their way to the Spintex headquarters, the tension in the air was palpable. The team was on high alert, and every sound and movement was analyzed for potential danger. They finally arrived at their destination and split into their assigned roles.As Rion, Mina, and Zero made their way to the artifact, they had to navigate through a maze of hallways and avoid numerous guards. They eventually found themselves in front of a large room where the artifact was being held
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9: First day at the academy (1)
Alice sat in her office, the bright sunlight filtering in through the windows casting a warm glow over the room. She was waiting for a call from her guild members, hoping for any news about their ongoing investigation into the incident that happened at the lab, because she had important matters to attend to she left the investigation to them. Suddenly, her phone rang, and she quickly answered it, her heart racing with anticipation."David, any news?" Alice asked eagerly."Sorry Alice, we still can't get any more information," David replied apologetically.Alice sighed in frustration, using her hand to shatter the table in her office while her other hand held the phone to her ear. "God damn it, it's been 5 days and we still found nothing," she exclaimed.David asked, "Should we still continue?""No, you guys should return," Alice replied, putting her hand on her face as she ended the call. She began to think to herself, "So far, all we have been able to uncover is that Allen is not jus
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10: First day at the academy (2)
Nathan and Mike weaved their way through the crowded hallways, the buzz of excitement and nervousness palpable in the air. When they arrived at their classroom, Nathan was immediately greeted by Sarah, a girl he had met during the entrance exams. She invited him to take the seat next to her, and Nathan kindly asked Mike to sit with them as well.As Nathan made his way to his seat, he caught sight of Kyle, Their eyes met, and Kyle quickly looked away in fear. Nathan chose to ignore him and focused on settling into his seat next to Sarah and Mike.Just as they were about to chat, Miss Yanzi, the teacher, walked into the room, silencing the class. Nathan and the other students quickly settled into their seats, ready for the day's lessons to begin. Nathan couldn't help but feel excited about what the day would bring, knowing that he had a chance to learn with the other students here, and he would be able to watch them grow.Miss Yanzi walked up to the front of the class and greeted the st
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