Chapter 15


I woke up in a significantly dark room.

There's nothing in here but me handcuffed with something strange.

It looks like it's magic powered or something.

My robe, tiara, gold pouch, bead pouch and the others are all gone.

What I got left is my underwear.

I’m totally wearing a two-piece underwear.

The memories of me getting here is vague.

But then, it slowly came back to me.

I've been kidnapped.

I must casted by a magical spell that made me sleep.

But speaking of which, where is my things?

And look, I am caged like a bird.

As I look around, I can see that I am inside a birdcage-like jail.

I tried using my magic skills but it won't work.

Maybe this cage is preventing me to do so.

I crawled near the cage metal, I tried to touch it, but it electrocutes me.

It doesn't hurt me since it's just a physical attack t
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