I Forced Truck-Kun to Isekai Me

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I Forced Truck-Kun to Isekai Me

By: Peter-Kun CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Because of the tragedies she got through, she felt the misery, the hopelessness, the pain of losing someone. This girl is a wholehearted otaku and a fan of the Japanese animation called Anime アニメ wherein a famous scenario happens after dying, getting reincarnated into another world. She think of getting reincarnated and leaving the old world behind, she already decided it since she lost half of her heart in this world, and there is no longer reason to stay. Yes, an Isekai 異世界 means a parallel world. Will she be able to redo her life without regrets this time? In the new world she is about to embark consists of mythical creatures that you can only see in a fantasy book, Dragons, Mermaids, Monsters and Magic Powers.


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  • Aldho Alfina


    ijin promo thor, cek. Reinkarnasi Ke-dua Di Dunia Lain. genre: Fantasi, Isekai, Overpower, Magic, Demon Lord, Harem

    2021-10-22 06:20:36
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57 chapters
Chapter 1
(Ghost) Sipping coffee while watching my favorite anime series again and again, yes, that's me. If you are wondering who am I, then let me introduce myself,I'm Tamago Ringo,Yes, you heard it right. My name is Ringo, which simply means Apple in Japanese.And yes, my last name is Tamago, which means egg in Japanese.You might be thinking why I got named like this.Well, you may want to ask my parents about that. Nonetheless, you can just call me Rin.I'm currently watching a certain anime with the slime protagonist.To be honest, I really like the Isekai anime genre. Especially those with powerful beings who got reincarnated in another world.I often read mangas and light novels, and guess what? I spent my whole high school life watching those. From a skeleton guy who got stuck in a game to the cute spider with cheat-level abilities.I wish life can be as easy as that.For the
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Chapter 2
(Meeting with a guide) Good morning!I woke up earlier than my usual in my old life.This is my second day in this Not-Too-Far-From-The-Ordinary Isekai.And yes you're right, I'm sleeping right next to this snore-lord.Good thing I can't be seen, if that isn't the case, I'm sure I died right after I spawned.Pretty cliched for a newbie you can say.I'm not commending the baby for making me into a ghost.Thus, I'm still mad at him.Why? You ask?Of course I will be mad at someone throwing me in an Isekai without any power-up start like in those Anime series.Or maybe I'm just naïve for thinking reincarnating is the best idea. I'm not surprised that I'm not getting hungry, I'm a ghost remember?Basically, I'm just a ghost from the other world warped to the 25th dimension.I'm not reincarnated in other words.But let's be optimistic,
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Chapter 3
(Possession) I don't really know if I'm making progress here.I don't feel like I'm getting farther from where I spawned.Seriously? How huge is this forest that I've been venturing it for two days now.Yes, two days has passed after I met that Goddess Baby.I think I supposedly be fighting some low rank monsters like slimes or goblins now.But I don't seem to find any hint that there were creatures like that.Sure, I met more tanky-tigers on my way.But, they're the only race I can find in this forest.I tried using the Lust skill to charm them or something but it just won't work.Maybe it won't work since they can't see me in the first place.But why did those fish got affected?The baby said that I must got the Ruler thingy before I can completely make use of this skill.For now, it's totally useless. The brightness of the surroundings sta
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Chapter 4
(The challenge in the Village) Eek, I got seen by the young villagers, 3 boys and a girl.They don't seem to be surprised that a frog came nearby.I saw the boy with blonde hair grinning with something on his mind.He picked up a stone from the ground.Without further ado, he j
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Chapter 5
(Goblins in Advance) I can't believe my eyes.This is so unbelievable.An army of goblins are marching their way to the village.And they don't look like
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Chapter 6
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Chapter 7
(Prince) Zzzz... zzzz...Good morning!Ah I mean, Good evening!So this is how a dark dragon live.If my stamina weren't infinite, I surely need to eat light.I can feel my instincts telling me to hunt light.Yes I know, it does sounds weird.But thankfully, hunger doesn't apply to me.But even if that's the case, I still need to hunt so I can level up and evolve.What do I get from evolving you ask?Well I do get a lot from evolving.Starting with stat increase, although it only increase my MP.And then, I get more skills.Somehow, I get many cheat abilities.It's not that I’m complaining,I’m j
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Chapter 8
(The Demon Realm) While the prince is riding me.Hey hey hey! Don't get the wrong idea!I’m a dragon you know.He's currently at my back.That isn't something s*xual you pervert. Anyways, to be honest, we are really clueless where to go.I thought that if we had a map things will be easier.But it can't be helped,The prince here has only himself and his tent.We've been roaming for almost five hours.The sun is about to rise and I’m getting sleepy.While we're venturing, you can't even hear any noise except for my wings flapping.I couldn't look at the prince on what he is currently doing.It's almost daybreak.I don't get tired because of my infinite stamina but thanks to this dragon's instinct, it's telling me to go to sleep. Speaking of sleep
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Chapter 9
(Change) <Lv. 19 Poltergeist has evolved into Lv. 20 Poltergeist.><Evolutionary options available.><Phantom> <Mist Spirit> I’m currently hiding my disgust.Eek! Frog blood in my feet!I don't want to embarrass myself again.So I evolved huh? Oh wait I didn't evolved yet,I have two options.The first one is obviously leading the evil path of witchery.The other one sounds decent.So I’m gonna pick Mist Spirit for now. <Lv. 20 Poltergeist has evolved into Lv. 21 Mist Spirit.><Skill Acquired: Mist-fortune><Skill Acquired: Morph><Skill Acquired: Appraisal><Skill: Heal has evolved into Skill: Mercy><Skill: Light Magic has evolved into Skill: Holy Light Magic>
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Chapter 10
(Ruler) I’m morphed into a human but I still glow like the sunlight.My skin tone became more lively.It's still white but you cannot say it's pale now.While looking at my skin, the prince glare at me, but he turn away everytime I look at him. I smell something fishy. "We're sleeping here for tonight."He grabbed the tent in his back and assembled it. We've reached a certain point with a nearby pond and cliff.He made the tent in the cliffside.It's quite concealed thanks to the environment.The rock formations block the sight from where us can be seen.Also the tree foliages blocks the sky.We needed to hide since we're being hunted by Dolovana.I want to crush that greedy nation, for now I’ll prepare m
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