Chapter 33

(Lamprey vs. Ghost)

"What a show, so you've given up being a goddess? I can see you're truly desperate." He smirks confidently, looking like he's not that intimidated. He quickly made a quick presumption on how I reached this state. It seems like he isn't not that surprised at all.

"Aren't you surprised? I prepared this show for you." Riding his statement, I made a same sarcastic tone that he did before.

"Well yeah, I'm not thinking of you sacrificing your goddessness. But well, I've pretty much expected that you would do some countermeasure to this happening."

"Shall we get this started?"

"Of course we should." I implied.

All of the remaining soldiers surrounded the Hero as if they are about to protect him with their life. That bastard shouldn't be worth of a sacrifice. Besides, all these people do was interrupt and become an energy livestock for him.

"What about it?" He quic

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