Chapter 35


"Now, die." He somewhat made a gesture to his mages to do something. They all started casting a spell. I have a bad feeling about this, my healing skill stopped working. They are making a debuff.

"What are you doing?!" Clearly shocked as I face him after seeing the things they did. The elves and my comrades started agonizing once more.

"..." He just glared at me, he doesn't have a plan of telling it.

I casted my teleportation skill and went behind him just to end up being trapped in a barrier. What is this? I'm feeling claustrophobic. The barrier keeps closing in. I tried to cast my teleportation again but it didn't work. They must have something that negates my skill. I must find another way.

So I used my Destruction skill, in just one fell swoop, it broke down into pieces. It is sure powerful. The captain was confused on how did I managed to break free but now is not the time to mersmerize the t

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