A sect that relies on luck and destiny (Part 5)

Mo Pian coughed and shook his head to clear it. He wasn't sure if they will continue to have enough ingredients around when Bai Feng would grasp his cooking techniques. He hoped the young would have some self-control as the kitchen would still have to sell food...

Well occasionally...

If Mo Pian thought about it more... he didn't really have any business as most people would either go to the casino or rarely come to get grub from his place, most of them would eat food brought by themselves to save money that they could gamble or use on the other entertainment facilities rather than buy food.

Mo Pian sighed, then he waved towards Bai Feng, who was full of energy and ready to learn cooking from him.

The duo returned to the kitchen, which was now more ventilated after Bai Feng's incident as Mo Pian left a small window open before he quickly rushed out with Bai Feng out of the room.

"Ok, we will start with the basics."

Mo Pian took the pan from the stove and cleared it from the leftover oil that he used to cook the Spirit Ostrich meat before reaching into a cabinet behind them- and taking out a clear bottle full of oil.

He dropped the oil into the pan gently before taking out one more slice of meat from his pouch and dropping it as gently as the oil directly into the pan while asking Bai Feng:

"Do you have any experience with cooking at all, or do I have to teach you the bare basics just like in cultivation?"

Bai Feng knew a little bit about frying, but he was no expert, and his sister was better at it than him. However, it could be considered experience.

"I know a little bit about frying as I fried chicken when my sister was away or was unable to, but I don't know much about seasonings and other stuff like that..."

"You know about frying? Then this is easier. Try to fry this meat for me."

Bai Feng looked at the meat in the pan and nodded as he looked at the oven with a puzzled look. He never had such an appliance in his old home as he fried chicken over an open fire or on a hob that was tied to the heater.

Which looked quite different from what he was looking at right now. But it wasn't extremely different as there were similarities between them. But usually, he would fill the fireplace of the heater with wood before the hob heated up. However, they didn't have any firewood lying around right now, so he wasn't sure how he was supposed to light a fire by himself. After all, he couldn't snap his finger and make the fire appear like Mo Pian did, right?

He tried to snap his fingers just like Mo Pian did previously when he cooked that slice of meat, and surprisingly, the stove started to spew fire. Mo Pian nodded and let him continue without interfering for the moment.

The fire under the pan was quite intense, and the meat in the pan started to slowly sizzle as it turned from its normal pink look into a slightly darker version.

Bai Feng had the handle of the pan in his left hand as he kept it steady. Sometimes he moved the meat on its sides or its back using a fork, which he found lying around in the kitchen.

The meat slowly started to darken until it was well made. Then Bai Feng snapped his fingers once again, making the fire stop, and looked at Mo Pian, who was eyeing the meat with a critical eye.

He took the fork from Bai Feng's hand before stabbing it into the meat, making it leak some juices, and he nodded as he said:

"It is certainly well made, and that's pretty impressive considering this isn't normal meat. What type of chickens did you use to fry with your sister?"

Bai Feng started to describe the appearance of the chickens he and his sister used to rear, and Mo Pian's eyes narrowed as he said:

"Our sect used to have such a type of chickens, but they slowly turned extinct until they disappeared due to overconsumption."

"Are you sure that those are the chickens you and your sister reared?"

Mo Pian was skeptical. How did the goods of the sect leak into the secular world, especially in a village situated god knows where?

Bai Feng didn't find any problem explaining all the special items that the villagers had already returned to Ming Du.

"Hmm? Ming Du? He leaked the chickens and multiple other quality of life items to the secular world?"

Mo Pian's eyes gained an angry glint in them as he mentioned Ming Du:

"That old gambling fool, he still owes me around 30 silver pills!"

Bai Feng looked at Mo Pian and the man shook his head as he said:

"That guy is very addicted to gambling, he almost starved to death on multiple occasions, and as a former gambler, I couldn't let him wither away like that, so I gave him food on credit. The food I serve is rather cheap, starting from the lowest cost of 1 bronze pill, but that damn old man couldn't even keep the money for food..."

Bai Feng asked:

"So you want to get the money back from him?"

Mo Pian shook his head as he glanced down at the meat that Bai Feng cooked then he said:

"No, actually I pity him too much as he had fallen into this vice over his head, I'm just angry that he didn't learn his lesson, the reason he went back to get those items from your village is most likely that he wants to auction them for more gambling funds, of course, he has to pay his debts too, but do you think he will?"

Bai Feng didn't know Ming Du that much, but considering how confident Mo Pian looked when he talked about Ming Du's gambling addiction, it seemed that the man weakened the life expectancy of his village only so he could gamble more. Bai Feng's knowledge about gambling was shallow, but not unexistent, as there were gamblers even in his small village, but there were only small gambling games, such as guess the card or find the ball in the cup.

The young man didn't really understand how could someone get addicted to such games.

After all, he didn't even enjoy the feeling of money in his hand or the fact that it could buy him things he wanted.

The thrill of getting money without working a back-breaking job was something that a lot of fools dreamed about.

Mo Pian decided to give a taste test to Bai Feng's cooked meat while the young man looked to be thinking about Ming Du's actions upon his village.

The piece of meat that Bai Feng cooked was smaller than the one that Mo Pian cooked, as the man didn't want to waste food, so he only gave Bai Feng only a small piece to test his skill on.

Using the fork that he took from Bai Feng's hand, Mo Pian put the meat into his mouth as he chewed for a few seconds before he spat it out out the window of the kitchen.

Bai Feng's attention was grabbed by Mo Pian's actions, and he didn't daydream anymore as he asked:

"Did I do something wrong?"

Mo Pian cleaned his mouth with a handkerchief before shaking his head and saying:

"It seems that while you cooked the meat well, I gave you a piece of meat that wasn't supposed to be cooked like this."

Question marks popped around Bai Feng's mind as he asked:

"There are multiple ways to cook meat?"

Mo Pian laughed as he patted Bai Feng's shoulder and responded:

"Of course, young trainee, and it's time I teach you all of the ways of cooking. You have a very small base knowledge about cooking, but it's better than nothing. Let's start on your knowledge accumulation!"

Bai Feng nodded, he had a small smile on his face as he patted his stomach and said:

"I can't wait to learn how to make more delicious food."

Mo Pian laughed:

"I like you kid, you might be a little bit slow, but you have something about you that I can relate to, and that's your love for food!"

While Mo Pian was skinny as a bamboo pole, he wouldn't have taken this chef job if he didn't like food or cooking. So that meant he was eating an actual sizeable amount of food.

"Let's first start with the multiple ways of cooking meat, and then we will make our way down from there."

But before the duo could get back to learning, a knock was heard as the doors of the building were opened and a few people entered the building before a high pitched voice was heard coming from the mess hall:

"Hellooo? Anyone there? We are here to order some food! This is the best restaurant around here, right?"

Mo Pian patted Bai Feng's shoulder and he said:

"Customers, this is a rare thing that happens, but it's not impossible. For now, you will only look at me cooking until I'm done with them, ok? Actually, I have another job for you, you will go and ask them what food they want and serve them as well, here are a few of our menus with the available food, of course."

Mo Pian took out two menus from his pouch and gave them to Bai Feng before pushing him out of the kitchen.

Bai Feng entered the mess hall and saw a few men and women wearing gaudy clothes decorated with pearls and golden accessories sitting at one of the middle tables waiting for someone to arrive and serve them.

The moment Bai Feng appeared, a woman with red hair which was done in a bun atop of her head who had a nose piercing and yellow piercing eyes targeted him with her gaze and she said with a sweet but high pitched tone:

"Waiter, we have been waiting for quite a bit of time, ready to get our orders?"

If Bai Feng had more worldly knowledge, he would have understood that the woman was annoyed and she was the one talking for the whole group, she was waiting for an apology, but Bai Feng got closer to them and put the menus on their table before saying:

"What do you want to get?"

The woman narrowed her eyes as she glanced at Bai Feng's face, was this guy ignoring her on purpose to make himself look cool in front of her? Or did he really not fear her?

She had quite the reputation for being a bratty temper tantrum bitch if others didn't play in her hand, but this waiter ignored her?

The woman's entourage didn't say anything as they looked at each other and tried to enjoy the show that was about to come. There were very few people that didn't know the name of Chen Lingxi in the surrounding area. So they wanted to see who gave the balls to this small waiter to act that way to the small bratty casino princess.

Bai Feng was puzzled as he waited for them to order. Did they have a hard time deciding? Maybe he should help them pick up something.

The young man tried to get a little bit closer to the table, but the red-haired young woman got up from the table and glared at him, taking him by surprise and making him take a few steps back.

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