Curing Vampirism and devil fusion

Bai Feng waited for the elder to come back.

Deeper into the palace, the elder was listening to some reports through a communication device as he nodded:

"He had done quite a lot of missions, and all of them were successful. The people who consumed his pills had broken through immediately due to the high quality of the pills he concocted..."

"Very interesting, this little kid's talent is quite impressive. I wonder why he isn't in the medicinal hall?"

"There isn't much about his background in the sect records, which means he is a new disciple to boot. The only thing there says that he was accepted in by that weasel Shang Kai."

The vampiric elder shook his head as he closed off the communication device and sighed:

"I guess I can give him the materials since he had no failures as well."

There was a small chest in the room he was in, which he opened before taking out a few peculiar items that he stashed into his robe.

He left the ro

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