Exploring the continent while breaking through

Bai Feng sighed as he watched Sharley return to her former attitude.

Did she have to become a pain in the side already?

They didn't even reach the Demon Dance continent yet, and they had to go through this continent and the First Draconic Continent before they reached their destination.

Sylph tried to placate her. However, she was wanted to become the leader of their party.

Sharley looked at Luo Gang and Mo Pian before snorting as she said:

"You two think that I would make a great leader, right?"

Mo Pian scratched the back of his head as he backed away while Luo Gang started to whistle as he looked away.

Sylph patted her shoulder while Mu An shook her head as she decided to end this charade:

"Come on Sharley, you don't want to be the leader, right? You will have to do everything that Sylph is doing right now, and maybe more when we get to our master's sect."

Sharley snorted as she glared at Mu An with her one eye before

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