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Adam gets into a car accident and finds himself awake in a place filled with magic. What's more surprising, Adam turned out to have unlimited magic abilities and become a savior in the magic world.

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  • Chelsi Yulianti


    it must be great

    2023-05-11 01:48:03
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Chapter 1
EARTH – NEW YORK, 2023"Adam."Adam awakens to find himself awake in a dark room with the light coming from the torches on the wall. Not only that, his position was also lying on a long rock with his hands and feet bound."Where am I?! Who are you?!""Adam, your time will come. You are our destiny, and you are our savior."Adam looked around the room and saw no one there. The sound that resounded in the room was like that of an old man filled with fear and anxiety."What do you mean! Akh! Just let me go!"Adam tried to release the bonds that ensnared his body. However, the more he moved, the tighter the bonds locked his movements. A scream escaped the 25-year-old man's mouth. Sweat dripped down his body, all the veins on his face showing from his pain."Hello, Adam."An old man with a long white beard was standing looking at him. The old man's eyes flashed a gentle blue light; his skin was pale white, and a cold ambience enveloped the room."Who—who are you? Whoever you are, let me go
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Chapter 2
GREASH – MAGIC WORLDThe heat from the fireplace kept Adam awake. The different atmosphere made him realize that he was not in his room."Where am I?""Ah, you're awake."A man with white hair and all white clothes approached Adam. In his hand was a large bowl filled with warm water and a cloth to compress Adam's body.The foreign man who Adam didn't recognize at all made him move from his position.“Who are y--.” Adam's sentence stopped, he closed his eyes for a moment because his head felt quite sore and his vision was spinning.“Take your time, falling from a tree does take a while to heal. Your head is a function of everything, so, when it hits, some parts will definitely go a bit wrong.”Adam frowned and said, "What do you mean?""Have you lost your memory too? You don't remember falling out of the Hyperion tree? I found you in the jungle and brought you home since last night. Uh, my name is Gwydion, by the way and who is your name? I've never seen you before."Adam was still dig
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Chapter 3
Adam and the long-haired man arrived at the luxurious black-fenced mansion that had caught Adam's eye earlier. A cold aura approached them when two strange creatures with alien faces came and stared at them from the window. The strange creature's eyes emitted red light and illuminated every side of the carriage.Not long after, the sound of a gate being pushed was heard. The horse-drawn carriage sped back into the grounds of the magic council's luxurious mansion."Hold my shoulders."The long-haired man looked at Adam; he immediately followed his lead, and in an instant, they arrived at a large carved room filled with abstract paintings. The room is red, with a golden door in the corner, guarded by a giant snake attached to the door."Alazaka tor burpee."The long-haired man cast a spell as he drew his wand at the coiled snake. Instantly the snake woke up and hissed, its big fangs exposed and made Adam step back a little.The originally black snakeskin turned red; it widened to fit th
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Chapter 4
The horse carriage again stopped in front of Gwydion's house. The white-haired man was cleaning his house when Adam returned. His smile widened as he greeted Adam." You're back in one piece! Your whole body literally completed!" said Gwydion."A whole body? How many newcomers had to die at their hands? By the way, are you busy? I want to talk to you.""No, I'm purposely not traveling anywhere today, waiting for you. Let's talk inside; I've prepared snacks from black orchid essence and of course, we had so many things to talk."The two men stepped in unison into the brown house. Gwydion clapped his hands as he closed the door, and the floor in the house shifted. A ladder appeared; it led to the bottom of the house."Come on, let's have a drink in the basement. I have a private space to hide when many attacks happen,' said Gwydion.Gwydion swung his hand towards the dining table near the basement stairs. The two cups, a teapot, and the bowl of snacks he had said flew past Adam and Gwyd
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Chapter 5
"Good luck, Adam. Come whenever you want; let me know if you can get any information about Alatar.”Gwydion's eyes filled with tears as he escorted Adam to the front door to go to the Alatar mansion. He just affected.Gwydion's heart is not abysmal; a sense of joy with hope appears because the savior, according to fate, has arrived. However, there is also a feeling of sadness and worry about Adam's position, which could have lost his life.“Yeah, I'll let you know if there's anything I can say. But, I want to remind you again; I do not side with any side. I want to go back to where I belong. So… I hope you understand, but thank you for your kindness, Gwydion.”Gwydion nodded and gave Adam a warm hug. After that, Adam left the minimalist house in the forest. Gwydion stood in front of his house until Adam was no longer seen.“Whatever you say, I'm sure if fate has spoken, everything will go smoothly. Fight on, Adam.”Meanwhile, Adam walked through the dense forest quite calmly. Adam's b
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Chapter 6
“Sir Alatar, are you sure you want to let Adam be with us? Isn't he a threat?”Smoke was scattered from the long smoking pipe that Alatar was smoking. He looked relaxed; his expression didn't even show that he wanted to answer questions from Malin, a magic council member who could master the four elements.The other five members looked at each other; they were pretty riled up seeing the nonchalant Alatar. Malin represented all the members. They disagreed with Adam's presence."I'm sorry, Sir Alatar, but--.""What's troubling you all?" Alatar interrupted Malin's sentence; the stocky man with brown curly hair immediately lowered his gaze.Alatar pointed at the members of the magic council one by one with his smoking pipe; no one dared to meet Alatar's eyes.“When you doubt Adam, you doubt my plans. Does the fear of that stupid prediction still haunt you? There will be no prophecy to happen; Adam is coming for us,” Alatar stood up and climbed onto the dining table; he spread his arms apa
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Chapter 7
Adam stood in the middle of the meadow with the wind blowing hard. The orange sky looks beautiful; some little fairies hover near Adam."Adam, you've come."An old man with long white hair approached Adam from behind; Adam wanted to turn his head but couldn't; his body seemed stuck in the ground."Hello, Adam."An old man with long white hair stood before Adam with a broad smile. The annoyance in Adam stirred when he saw her."You! You're the one who trapped me in this world! What do you want!""I didn't set you up; I was just picking you up. Everyone in Greash needs you, destiny has spoken, and you cannot escape.”"Don't talk about your destiny in front of me; I have nothing to do with that. I just want to get out of this world, don't expect me to be able to carry out the task you expect."The old man named Gonie shook his head, “You will realize it later; tomorrow, you will meet the four lords of each element; tell them about our meeting. They will help you.”--‘AKH!”Adam is awake
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Chapter 8
The news of the attack between Adam and Raymond spread quickly throughout Alatar's followers. The other four members of the magic council who had been so supportive of Raymond getting rid of Adam lost their nerve. In fact, two people who also have the ability to control all elements also submit. Adam is more than a threat now.No one could look at or even glance at Adam this morning when he left the room and headed for the Alatar room.When he passed in front of some maids cleaning the mansion, his ears caught the whispers hugging him.“Have you heard about Raymond? He lost an eye!”"Somehow, I'm sure, Adam is indeed someone written in the book of Destiny!"Adam stopped his steps; he turned his eyes to the three maids who talking about him, not about the fate that stole his attention but about Raymond's condition.“Hey, sorry, but I overheard your conversation about Raymond. Is it true that he lost an eye?”The three maids gasped and immediately bowed their heads while apologizing to
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Chapter 9
Adam quite enjoyed the long journey to the gray valley. The beautiful landscape makes him often chuckle in awe. Not to mention the gallantry of the horse that went as fast as lightning; for the first time, he felt a little happy to be in Greash.Adam's ears picked up the sound of a stream as it passed near a forest with trees with violet leaves."Hey, I think it's good if we stop for a moment," Adam pulled the wheel around the horse's neck, and the black horse immediately stopped. "We've been traveling for almost three hours, sitting by the river and enjoying the fruit there must be very pleasant."As if understanding, the horse neighed and immediately sped off into the forest. The forest they entered illustrated how the wizarding world forest differed from the forests Adam had seen before. This beautiful forest has many colorful flowers, and the trees look unique.The plants were colorful and beautiful, and some fairies seemed to get close to Adam. Their bodies are small with beautif
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Chapter 10
Adam suddenly jerked and snapped out of his unconsciousness. He found himself now lying on a long table made of ice crystal. Adam's breath was still erratic due to shock, as he tried to remember what had happened before he lost consciousness."Well, welcome to the gray valley, you insolent brat."Adam's eyes immediately shifted towards the presence of four adults with cold and fierce expressions. In an instant, Adam, who was lying down, sat up on the long table and looked around. Only then did he realize that he was now in the middle of a forest with a sky filled with bright and beautiful stars."A weakling like you sent by Alatar? Hah, what do you want, fool? In an instant, I could turn you into dust that blends with the air!" A man with shoulder-length white hair, light gray eyes, and pale white skin flicked his hand towards Adam, and a gust of wind hit his face, causing Adam to avert his gaze."Be calm, Bloise." A blonde-haired woman with red eyes calmed the man named Bloise. "What
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