Reaching the true battlefield (Part 2)

Bai Feng quickly arrived at the battlefield.

The goblin's hamlet was destroyed. Thousands of people were fighting back and forth.

Corpses were thrown around here and there. Blood flowed freely on the ground.

Life and death were one step away.

The only thing that was still standing in the hamlet was the giant tree the goblin brothers had used as a base.

Everything else had been razed to the ground, the fate of the other goblins being unknown. They were most likely dead.

Bai Feng's appearance didn't stop the fighting.

He glanced around and saw Sharley and her sisters along with Mu An fight a few peculiar-looking people.

The first person who was being fought to a standstill by Sharley's sisters was a young woman with a dark chocolate skin tone.

She had long wavy hair. She was wearing a dark uniform similar to the other cultivators from the Mazo Byung sect. Simple purple earrings hung from her ears, her face was rather plain

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