Search parties and Spring Bird continent (Part 1)

Ma Ghio looked down at the unconscious Ah Lam and made a 'tch' sound as he moved his sight to his injured arm.

The stitches that held it together previously had been broken open, revealing the muscles underneath.

Blood was flowing freely from the open skin as he changed his sight from his injury to look at the injured comrades behind him.

Ah Lam was very fierce, and it was quite the hard endeavour to defeat her without killing her.

However, Ma Ghio couldn't bear to kill her as she would make a fine general under his wings.

But for that to happen, he needed to have something over her.

The escape of her disciples and those that were close to the sect master. the man she most respected was quite the failure for Ma Ghio.

If he had these people under his thumb, he could have easily manipulated Ah Lam into his battle puppet. After all, there were quite a lot of continents around that needed new rulers. An expansion war was something that he

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