Shirbo's situation

While Bai Feng was fighting the original Mother of Heavens in outer space. Shirbo had been thrown into a desert as he fought with the clone.

Unsurprisingly, the clone was plenty strong, and it could keep Shirbo on his toes, even sometimes giving him big injuries that incapacitated him for a few seconds.

Shirbo could morph parts of his body to mimic animals and demons due to his proximity to them back in the ancient era.

He could make up for the organs that the humans lacked or needed without increasing his cultivation base.

This was a supplementary technique that was generally used by low-level body cultivators, but Shirbo was unable to learn anything more advanced due to the previous perilous situation he found himself in.

A leg strike from the copy made Shirbo's knee buckle as he started limping for a few seconds.

His ability to withstand the powerful strikes of the copy wasn't that good. He was more of a speedy combo fighter rather than a

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