An almost hopeless situation turned around

Bai Feng could feel his ears ring as he got struck in the head immediately after he regained his bearings.

The copy laughed sadistically as it said:

"I will take my time enjoying this. After all, you angered me greatly after the stunt you pulled back on the planet."

Bai Feng got back up as he balanced his body and took in a deep breath, making the copy laugh as it said:

"You think you have a chance against me? Even with the power-up, you got from the universe, it's hopeless. Do you even understand in what situation you are in?!"

The copy then shrugged her shoulders as she continued:

"Then let me explain it for you, the moment the original went back to our base, all the restrictions on her body had been removed! That means some of the restrictions on my body got removed as well, increasing my power to a level that you can't reach with your current cultivation base, no matter how the universe would help you!"

"This should be the

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