Surge of Qi

Bai Feng glared at the little ball of metal which started to tremble as it knew that its end would come soon. Bahrelo's willpower inside the ball was making teeth-gritting sounds as it felt how Bai Feng perfected his Flame technique on him.

There was no way for him to escape this metal cage that he was put in. He didn't know what technique Bai Feng used when he catalyzed the metal, but he knew that it was of a very high level and that you didn't need a lot of Qi to use it since Bai Feng was a body cultivator, and he could use it.

This was a technique that might be useful for Ahrelo...

Bahrelo knew that there was no chance for this piece of willpower to escape, so at least he couldn't leave empty-handed!

Bai Feng looked inside the metal ball and poked it. Normally, the screeching would begin by now, but there were no signs of it.

This made Bai Feng more cautious.

Who knew what type of trap would Bahrelo's willpower spring?

Bai Feng sta

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