While Bai Feng's departure saddened and burdened his friends. They weren't the only ones affected by his leave.

His existence in the sect meant cheaper pills for those that put mission requests at the hall, leading to a situation where Shang Kai always had resources at his disposal.

His deal with Zhia meant that the medicinal hall could somewhat survive as Bai Feng was doing 95% of the concocting in the sect, and while the percentage they were given was quite small, the number of missions that Bai Feng was doing was fixing that.

They didn't have to do anything, and the numbers in their accounts increased!

Zhia knew that they would have made more money if they took direct requests, but Bai Feng's pricing, quality, and speed of concocting beat all of the elders of the medicinal hall into submission. Her included.

They all accepted him as the capo of the pill-making in the sect.

Of course, Bai Feng didn't care about those things as he hadn't me

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