Switching from strength to skill

The power coming from Herus's new body was overwhelming!

Bai Feng felt as if he was ant trying to fight an elephant.

All of the bodily strength that he gathered was leaving him. Making his body feel empty.

It was the suppression of a higher being.

Bai Feng couldn't help but feel that he wouldn't win this one.

Herus's transformation was done in a nano-second. Bai Feng only got to understand what he was against before his head had been cleanly destroyed, leaving only his neck behind.

However, out of the stub on his neck started to grow a new head, which made Bai Feng's body fall back as it gathered its strength and struck forward, hitting the fist that was ready to blast his regenerating head once again.

Bai Feng understood one thing from this interaction, while Herus's strength had increased monumentally, he had lost the abilities of a Qi cultivator, he couldn't stop Bai Feng's regeneration anymore, and all he had to him was str

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