Sylph's views on cultivation and sparring

Bai Feng coughed a little bit. To make his voice sound just like a wise elder brother who wanted to advise his junior brother.

"Well, I think cultivation is meant for people to enjoy their lives to the fullest!"

Sylph tilted his head to the side. Bai Feng guessed that Sylph might have not expected such a simple answer.

But he didn't refute Bai Feng, and he just looked at him, waiting for the continuation.

Bai Feng looked down since he didn't have any other view on cultivation besides that. He was a simple man with simple dreams.

Enjoying life and eating things that you find delicious, along with relaxing to your hearts' content. What was better than that?

Seeing that Bai Feng didn't have to say anything else made Sylph shook his head as he told his views on cultivation:

"I think cultivation is the way of weak people to triumph over the strong! Keep the balance of life and stuff like that."

Bai Feng didn't know what to say to th

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