The final battle (End)

Bai Feng looked down at his hands, he could feel pure power coursing through them, and the bond with the universe that started from his wrist was now exploding through every part of his body.

The changes that were made to his whole body weren't describable through words alone. Bai Feng wasn't sure how to feel, but he could sense that he had reached the maximum strength possible that the universe could withstand.

The universe itself told him that he can't break through anymore and that he should go and deal with the Mother of Heavens as soon as possible.

While he had been reborn, his second heart didn't grow back, whatever the Mother had used to deal that blow to Bai Feng seemed to be permanent.

Bai Feng could sense a small hole in the tower that was his foundation, which meant that his power wasn't perfect, but now that he practically reached the same cultivation realm as the Mother of Heaven, they were sharing the power the universe was bestowing upo

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