Killing Grimm; Graveyard of Gods

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Killing Grimm; Graveyard of Gods

By: Swirling inc OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Five years ago, crimson gems rained from the sky, lightning up the firmament and throwing the world into chaos, but it only lasted for a moment before it suddenly vanished into nothingness. But a year ago humans with amazing abilities started to appear on social media displaying unique authorities to gain fame, but I never really believed any of it, that was until I met her... Together we adventured, challenging powerful blessed and securing our names on the Gods ranking, that was until Grimm attacked, deceiving earths blessed into destroying their own world and once more we must fight, but this time with all our new found friends with us. together, we shall kill Grimm and save our world.

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39 chapters
Chapter 1, TECHON LABS.
United States, Washington DC.“ladies and gentlemen welcome to TECHON labs my name is George brown, I am a lead researcher and beta tester of a blessed gem and today we will be introducing a new finding, possibly the only one of its kind in the world. now, if you would please follow me I’ll gladly give you a tour of our glorious work space.The middle aged researcher in a lab coat immediately began to lead the way while occasionally pointing out other fascinating discoveries, the group of fellow scientists followed him like ducks and occasionally pretending to be amazed by what they saw, it’s not because the inventions he showed them are horrible but simply because when compared to the thrills of seeing a blessed gem, those pale in comparison.Eventually the group made their way to a large hall, the hall didn’t have any equipments nor furniture and seemed more like an execution hall than a security check room.George faced the group and smiled kindly, “My apologies friends, but before
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Chapter 2, Unique Blessed Gems.
“This is a restricted area, ID and permit lady”. Lisa took a wobbly step back in fright, but only a veteran will dare to actually infiltrate TECHON labs, she quickly composed herself and initiated an act.She smiled calmly, flushed her cheeks and slanted her eyes till the guards felt like they were being stared at by a fox spirit, she stepped forward like a drunkard getting out of a taxi.When she was close enough she deliriously and deliberately fell towards them.The guard closets to her immediately lowered he’s gun and grabbed her before she hit the ground, the mans nostrils inhaled sharply as he greedily drew in her scent.She felt boneless to the touch causing him to completely lose he’s guard against her, he even felt like the weird nerdy look was just a faint used to deceive others. Of course he was right but the sharp pain in he’s abdomen instantly startled him awake from he’s momentary trance.The man stared in horror at the dagger strapped to his abdomen, he immediately trie
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Chapter 3, The Escape.
“Halt, this is a restricted area”. The guards yelled, But Lisa wasn’t someone to scare easy, she grabbed a nearby chair and smashed the glass into a million pieces.She grabbed the crimson gem and began a mad dash towards the glass window on the edge of the room. When she arrived next to the window she didn’t hesitate to jump through it like an Olympic high jumper. She crashed directly through the glass and into the next room, Lisa didn’t know where she was going so she crashed into the equipments in the room and collapsed to the ground.Lisa groaned in pain, even before opening her eyes she could still hear the sound of people running and the inaudible sound of their screams, but Lisa still forced her eyes open and shot to her feet’s.She looked around, she seemed to have thrown herself into a lab of some sort cause there where actual real life nerds screaming in fright and trying their hardest to exit the room.[where are my?] Lisa questioned while rubbing the back of her head.~Y
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Chapter 4, An unordinary Liam.
“Biggggg broooooo, a girl is at the door and she says she’s a friend of yours”.The yell of the twelve year old could be heard all over the multi million dollar mansion.The audible scream startled Liam awake from he’s slumber, causing him to tumble down the bed together with he’s sheets.“Fuck”. Liam cursed.He forced his way up defying gravity while rushing into the bath, barely five seconds later he burst through the bathroom door with a brush and tooth paste still in he’s mouth, he ran over to the wardrobe and picked out a random shirt and trousers.Just as he was about to put them on he remembered the tooth paste and the water droplets that were on him. “Fuuuuuuck”....Meanwhile, down stairs a teenage black haired girl awkwardly sat on the sofa while accompanied by a twelve year old Julie, Liam’s younger sister. “So, how did you two meet?”. Julie asked with her childish voice.“We met in school, and for the hundredth time, we ain’t dating ok”. The black haired girl said with an
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Chapter 5, The Blessed.
TECHON Labs, Third floor.Hurried footsteps of men echoed through the stairway, Mr George and he’s crew finally made it to the point of the commotion, but when they arrived all they met was a bunch of men laying dead on the stairway.Majority of them had similar injuries, a slit throat or jabbed stomach or neck, it was clear that they were killed by the same person.“What do we do sir?”.One of the guards next to Mr George asked.Mr George puffed in rage, he’s face looked like that of a dying pig, he suddenly pulled out a pistol and shot the guard that questioned him.“What do you do?, here’s what you’re gonna do, find the bastard that did this and get my blessed gems back”. There was a short moment of silence before the men rushed out in different directions and started searching for the unknown enemy.It was at that moment Mr George’s walkie talkie received a call, which he immediately picked up hoping a useful guard actually existed in the building. “Mr George, the intruder is a fe
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Chapter 6, Chubby Brainiac.
At kings college gates, Bell stood silently with an inpatient expression on her pretty face, she continuously tapped her feet and occasionally checked the time on her phone.“Where the hell did he go?, I specifically said wait for me till I’m through with classes”. Just when Bell was about to lose it, a haggardly looking Liam appeared in her line of sight, he seemed to have ran all the way back while continuously hoping he wasn’t too late.Liam held he’s steps several meters from Bell before he proceeded to walk up to her.“Sorry am late Bell, I got carried away while taking a short walk”. Bell glared daggers at Liam but still didn’t want to waste any more time than they already had.“Come on, the park opens at eight and it’s already seven thirty, and we still have to walk there”. Bell said with quick breaths.“Don’t worry, I called an Uber”. And as if asked to wait for he’s que the Uber driver pulled up behind Liam.“Oh, let’s go then”. Bell said while pulling Liam’s arm, “Drive”. B
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Chapter 7, My Blessed Gem.
The next morning.Liam grunted as he’s eyes slowly opened.The previous day was both tedious and eventful for him.He glanced over at the clock on the wall that said six am, Liam doesn’t wake up this early on weekdays but the pain from the blessed gem poking at he’s leg lead to the current situation.Liam turned himself over and pulled out the gem from he’s pocket and Immediately became absorbed in its unholy lighting.The gem had dark crimson clouds within it, almost like a mini thunder storm, the outer layer was perfectly crafted beyond anything a man nor machine could ever hope to archive.And within the dark clouds Liam could had sworn he spotted a little humanoid creature frozen within it.“Blessed Gem”. Liam murmured before suddenly shooting up to he’s feet’s.He jumped he’s computer table and began to type hysterically, the keyboard keys sounded like ammunition with Liam’s fingers acting as the trigger.“Blessed gems, what exactly are they?”. The information Liam got on the in
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Chapter 8, Be Blessed.
The relationship between Liam and he’s father has always been on the complicated side, Liam was someone that valued love and friendship at their truest.While he’s father was someone that believed in elitism, only the people at the top are meant to enter-mingle, a true elite should see value in he’s fellow elite and use them to archive greater heights while discarding human relations that ain’t beneficial. To some people discarding such humanitarian concepts in exchange for material wealth will seem like the best option, but to Liam he would rather lose everything than to lose he’s friends, even if there’s only one of them, in the end Liam is just someone that wishes to be ordinary.Whack.Liam shot the doors of he’s room behind him and went strait to he’s desk and brought out the crimson Blessed gem.Liam ruffled through the stack of papers and pulled out a sharp razor, and without hesitation Liam made a small cut on he’s pinky finger and dripped a drop of blood on the Blessed gem.A
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Chapter 9, Olympus.
TECHON LABs Headquarters.Today, the news outlet had a filed day at Techon, the police cars could number hundreds and the special investigation team scouted the scene of the crime with keen interest.“How does the bitch keep vanishing from our security cameras”. Mr George Brown interrogated the police woman handling the case.“It’s because someone keeps hacking into them and replacing the image of the time she passes by with the previous time a footage was taken”.Mr George Brown hissed.“In that case, fix it and figure out who the bitch is”.“It’s not that easy Mr Brown, If something like this can be fixed by using another genius then I assure you that woman would’ve been behind bars eons ago”.“Fuuuuck, my head is on the line here, we’ve got to find her somehow”.The woman looked around her as if worried they were being spied on before continuing.“That lady is wanted by seventeen governments, eighteen syndicates and over twenty-four criminal organizations and mafia groups around the
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Chapter 10, A Blessed.
A blessed gem, fragments of a celestial mineral thought to have exploded besides earths atmosphere, these miniature fragments are known to give out unique abilities to chosen humans, and those chosen are called Blessed."Are you sure it will work?". Jacky asked nervously as lisa sat crossed leg in front of a small table with the grey blessed gem on it."You'll never know till you try".Lisa used the blade in her hand and made a small cut, a drop of crimson blood immediately dripped down on the shadowy grey blessed gem.whoosh.Lisa's surroundings instantly changed the moment the blood made contact with the blessed gem.Lisa was still in the room, but the natural colours of reality seemed to have been replaced with a depressing grey theme.lisa slowly stood up, her expression couldn't be more calm as she walked across the room.she glanced over at the window but couldn't see pass the thin glass, lisa walked over to the door and slowly opened it before directly walking through.Lisa's ey
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