The first fight (Part 1)

The middle-aged woman dropped down in the middle of the arenas, where every contestant could get by jumping a little bit.

All of the contestants jumped down from their arenas to draw the lots. And Bai Feng was amongst them.

He looked a little bit out of place compared to all of the prodigal-looking contestants who wanted to impress the observing elders who were out of sight.

Every one of the contestants was more flamboyant than the other. the only normal-looking people were Bai Feng and Chen Lingxi.

Bai Feng wore his normal casual clothes without the apron, and Chen Lingxi wore a pink shirt with mesh under armor. That was visible through a small gap between her shirt and her chest. She also had her red hair done in a ponytail so it wouldn't get in her eyes when she fought.

Everyone else was more or less looking quite weird, just like that dainty young man that first arrived, even though he was one of the more normal-looking ones. It seemed this tou

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